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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
I agree, it was time to bring some new players in.

As for Rooney, whilst he hasn't been brilliant, we still need him Welbeck seems to be on the right track and Sturridge is improving, but those two are never going to be enough. We just have to keep picking Rooney and hope it works out I suppose.
Good points. I agree, bring in the young guys at the back and someone will step up, they usually do. Caulker may be the one.

Not sure I agree re Rooney, other than 04 Euros, he's been sub par in the England shirt-we all keep waiting for him to step it up but not sure he's going to get it done. The desire doesn't seem to be there anymore. With someone like Ronaldo, he's burning to be the best, game in and game out.

I think Sturridge has improved quite a bit since he turned red in January but he's not the finished article yet.

Is Carrick in the squad? If he can get it done against Real, the international level should be NBD. (EDIT-Just saw they want to play him in defense instead of midfield, another great idea......)
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