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Originally Posted by tennis tom View Post
I would tell my partner, playing "tight to the net", to move back until they couldn't lob her anymore. I would tell her to take the word "yours" out of her vocabulary and to cover her side of the court, that includes all lobs and all drop-shots, and that you'll do the same on your half of the court. Every time they successfully lob her, I would tell her to move back another step until their lobs would have to go long.
You and me, both!
Last thing I want to do is 1. run over 2. hit a backhand from the baseline against two net players. They've gotten you and your partner to change position and then you have to dig yourself out of a hole with your
backhand. I'd prefer my partner practice hitting overheads.

Actually, one of my favorite shots from the deuce court is the lob over
the net man. Some of them just wont back up! So I keep lobbing. This is very effective at 4.0 and to date I have only run into difficulty with two replies: 1. the player who hits a strong angled BH drive and 2. the player who gets into position and hits a strong overhead from the baseline (that girl was good!)
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