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Default Successful Tennis Ladders in your area?

I run a big Round Robin and as part of that we have generated a pretty huge email list of around 800 tennis players. When people play flex leagues often they play every single match at our home facility so people have been asking me to set up a Tennis Ladder (or something similar) to facilitate people picking up some extra tennis. The level of play for the Round Robin is mostly Intermediate to Advanced players. (3.5 to 5.0 USTA)

I'm open to putting something up and as there is already a new website going up for the Round Robin then it wouldn't be particularly difficult to add a ladder piece to it. We have a fun and enthusiastic group of players that would likely give it a shot if I were to put something up. But as someone who hasn't ever participated in a Tennis Ladder before I was just looking for the formats that have been successful in other areas and that people enjoy participating in.

So what formats are in your area that you enjoy playing in? What would you change about them if you could?
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