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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
what's for lunch? i'm hungry.

also tour bite soft both bites and is soft. would string again.

luxilon m2 pro is soft and not so spinny and trampoliney. would not string again.

thinking bout switching sticks again. it starts off like a little gnat in my head and soon it will grow and i will have no choice but to buy new sticks. somebody throw me an intervention. or buy my old sticks.
Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
thinking bout getting a station wagon now that my kids are getting bigger. this one looks promising.

I'm eyeing the TaKorean truck outside.

Seriously? Did they do that to the Vette? I've seen photos, but I don't recall it looking that station wagon-ish.

Dump the Vette and pick up a Merc E63 AMG station wagon. That thing would give almost anything a run for the money.

Good to hear the Tour Bite soft is good. I've got to give it a try, but I need to clear out all the string I have already, plus the gut I"m picking up this week.
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