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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
Still waiting for the backstory on your oft-mentioned Bon Jovi hatred...
Someone with your musical ear would be at a loss to wonder why I dislike this charletan? This guido poseur (and by extension, the guido band with HIS name) who out-of-the-box was all about being famous first and foremost--forget the music--with his faux-metal hair b.s. image......then re-invents himself as some faux-alternative trying to pass off "homeland" chops?

If nothing else, Jon Bon Guido's reedy thin guido voice delivered in his "guido stylings" manner when attempting to sing "Born to Run" with Springsteen during the Sandy concert at MSG was just another stark reminder of this guido poseur's real core (and lack of true rock chops). The clown's a pop poseur in rock clothing plain and simple. Another example of "pop star passing himself off in rock star clothing" (and who would get so ticked off at the NYT music critics for mentioning it) is Billy "Angry Young Man" Joel. Speaking of Billy Joel:

Q: What's the difference between Billy Joel and the band Great White?

A: We Didn't Start the Fire


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