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Originally Posted by Anton View Post
So now i put in some good hitting time on my second frame i find it is playing differently from my first, feels like it is less polarized, even though I modified it to exact weight and balance spec 12.3oz 7 point HL. Magic is gone, effortless spin and pace is gone and now it's just another decent stick

Switch back to first racket and all is great in the world again.

Without silicone the second racket also has a bit if hollow feel down low.

Maybe fxp/lux strings weight more then 17g (1.20mm) Tour Byte?

More testing to come...
I find that unless you buy racquets from the same batch and even then it's not a guarantee, quality control on these racquets are terrible. You could end up with two racquets that play totally different.

Luckily the current one I have does feel polarized and has that nice feel. I just need to put some silicone to get it a bit dampen and less hollow feeling.

I would recommend keeping strings the same to verify you have similar racquets.
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