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Originally Posted by Mike Y View Post
If you are in trouble at or behind the baseline, you should do a down-the-line lob, not a cross-court lob, if the players on the other side are equal. Thanks to geometry, we know that on a cross-court lob, the ball will be at a reachable height for the net player sooner than it would be for a down the line lob. So you have less margin of error for a cross-court lob and a greater chance of an overhead being hit at you on a cross-court lob.

If you can't hit a good groundstroke, another shot that could work in this situation is a low slice ball that barely floats over the net and stays low. It's tough to do, but you were already in a less than ideal situation. But if hit right, the net person will have to hit up on the ball, and you may get an easy shot out of it.
My mixed partner hits a DTL lob from the ad court which screams, "no you will
not be serving and volleying on me today, nor will you camp out in the ad
side corner!" We played a match years ago where the lady hugged the net and would crossover on anything over her head, while her husband hit only forehands. Needless to say, we lobbed her on both sides and ran him to death. We'd lost the first set because his forehand was like that, but come the second set he was done. Miraculously, and I kid you not, just as we were
about to finish him off in the third it began to POUR. It was the funniest thing! All we could do is laugh! They knew they had been saved and we 4 have been friends ever since.
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