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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
While I appreciate that S&V is best and people should have awesome overheads and the like, that is not reality. Not at 4.0, anyway.

The reality of league tennis up to the 4.0 level is that people can and do lob the BH of the net player. I do it *all the time.*

Also, remember that this scenario can happen mid-point, when a team is scrambling. I can assure you that there are many players who make a living hitting a short shot to the ad court player to draw her into net and then lob over her.
When you're drawn in under you usually end up setting up at the net. When you set up at the net don't get too close. Move in for each volley, but then
back up to your ideal volleying position--back far enough to cover most lobs on your side. For me that's a foot or so in front of the service line. From there I can move in and volley aggressively, but I have to back up afterwards. Or else my partner needs track shoes. BTW, I am very appreciative of my "un-awesome" , but highly effective 4.0 serve, volley, and overhead. : )
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