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Originally Posted by mucat View Post
Thanks, Mick. That's a mean car. How do you like the Camaro so far?
Thanks mucat.

i like it a lot. For sure it is a lot more comfortable than my 370z.

I had planned on getting a muscle car. I thought it was going to be a Mustang (quickest), or Challenger (usable back seats)

Although i liked the design of the Camaro the best, It was last on my list because it didn't have a NAV system like the Mustang and Challenger did.

But for 2013 GM made it possible to order a Camaro with a NAV system, and together with the discount offer, it became the car to get for me.

I never had a V-8 car before and the V-8 sound of this car is very awesome. It got the dual mode performance exhaust where after 3,000 rpm it would produce thunderous V-8 sound. Sounds kinda like a big motorbike :-O
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