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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
... I can assure you that there are many players who make a living hitting a short shot to the ad court player to draw her into net and then lob over her.
Yes you see that strategy in singles, but in doubles the team that takes over the net wins due to being able to angle shots away for winners.

If the ad court player was doing their job, coming in at least to the service line, then the "draw in" shot would not work. The short shot only works if the player is serving and retreating, hanging out at the baseline defending against lobs.

I can assure you, when I'm hanging out at the service line no one is hitting me any short shots. They're just to my rec partner who's serving and RETREATING or returning that short shot, then scurrying back to the "security" of the baseline. They're giving back the advantage of the offensive position, moving towards the net, where the advantageous angles are.
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