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Prostringing you said a mouthful but you comments are based on a bad assumption I think. many times stringer pull tension on two mains where both mains are in the gripper and 1/2 tension is supported by each string. I did not do that. I clamped 2RM with a starting clamp outside the frame and pulled only 1RM. Therefore 1RM has full reference tension.

Because of the frame section grommet friction between 1RM and 2 RM the 2RM sting is something less than reference tension, how much will depend on the string, friction, and reference tension. But as when 1RM was pulled at reference tension there was an equilibrium (per sy) between 1RM and 2RM and unless 1RM or 2RM is subsequently pulled at something more than the initial reference tension that friction will stop any bleeding or tension loss between those two strings (1RM and 2RM.) I hope that makes sense to you if not let me know.

if I were to have started the mains with the Yusuki method where two strings are pulled at the same time you would be correct.


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...Also, when I get more time, I will make a video of my starting method which I have not seen posted on TT yet.

I would interested in seeing any new methods of stringing.
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