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I used Cyberflasher 1.20 for a while and take note of the other traits: Power[energy return] is very low and couple that with it being super soft and you can see why it goes dead so fast. Very limited resilience.
Check out the dwell time; the ball stays on the strings for ages, longer than natural gut I think. This level of control is ridonculous.
I find that many soft polys with low power go dead kind of fast because by their nature they have low resilience. Some definitely hide it better than others, and it gets better the more powerful the string.

Some years ago I was playing in a tournament and knew I was going to play this dude who's a pusher/junk baller that I had great trouble in beating. I decided I needed extra control so I strung up one of my racquets with CF 1.20 just for him.
I ran him ragged all over and off the court with awesome angles and balls that would land perfectly in the corners. Splendid spin and placement I got from those strings.
I beat him 6-2, 6-0, it was glorious, one of my fondest tennis memories. I never saw him after that, I don't know why, he was a nice guy.
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