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Default I agree with everyone, that

Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
One thing about the stiffness is you should relate it to energy return and tension loss. A stiff string with less energy return can be strung looser so may have more spin or last longer etc... I always try to relate strings to something I've already used and liked if I'm looking to try something new.
+ This:

Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
The TW Professor gives out stiffness data based on swing speed. The results are pretty surprising how one string is stiffer than another at a fast swing speed but less stiff at a slower swing speed.
+ this:

Originally Posted by anubis View Post
also the RSI tests @ 62 lbs, which may be way higher than some of us ever use.

I string my full multis @ 54 lbs and my hybrids @ 48 lbs. So, giving me numbers @ 62 lbs doesn't really tell me much. That's why I like the TW site better, it gives me the option of choosing low and mid tensions to give me a better sense of what I'm really going to feel.
= yes, in my opinion, TW allows you to sort and filter a lot of additional options, so if you are not stringing your poly at 62, then you'll have better info on TWU.

Also, it shows us that poly behaves quite differently at varying tensions; just compare the same string at 40, 51 & 62, and also at slow, medium, and fast swings. I think RSI's charts are just 62 lbs and fast swing.

Someone looking for "Soft" poly, is probably going to string between 40 & 50, or at least they *should* if they want soft, as even the 'so-called' soft polys will be hard on the arm if you tension too high, like at 62+...

Anyhow, all this said it is also VERY important to note that these TWU & RSI logs should only be looked at as a "guide", something to help you transition from known string A to unknown string B, and not used as a "definitive" source that is going to tell you A is better than B, or whatever.

My vote for very soft polys based on playtesting and arm-reaction:

WC Mosquito Bite
PS Energy 17 and Turbo 16L
MSV Co-focus (1.27 & 1.18, depending on your string pattern).

In all cases, string below 52 lbs for max comfort.
Head Pro Tour 280/630 MP, 18x20. Tour Bite 1.15/Mosquito Bite 1.16.
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