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Originally Posted by FedExpress17 View Post
I'm all for that ultra fast court you mentioned by all means let the grinders duke it out on clay in endless rallies but let us true tennis fans see some of the other extreme as well! The purpose of soccer is to score goals, the purpose of snooker is to pot balls etc. Similarly, the true purpose of tennis is to hit winners and take the game to your opponent, not to get every shot back in the hope that your opponent will get frustrated and miss. Let the players who can rally well be rewarded with titles on clay but it is only fair to the population of tennis players as a whole to have some important tournaments on a court surface that rewards good serving, aggressive shot making and sublime touch at the net More power to John and co. I say
Great post so refreshing to see a fan embrace big man tennis and players tryimg to win the point outright and points with very fee rallies! Not just knocking the ball in play waiting for the other guy to miss!
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