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Originally Posted by spot View Post
Fusker- I keep getting caught up in the rating system and what is fair and that is where I get stuck. Should higher rated players be given incentive to challenge a lower player. Is it fair that people fall down the rankings if they haven't played in a few weeks.... that sort of stuff.

Your league sort of sidesteps that and just basically lets people move themselves up the ladder by challenging and sets it so that people have no penalty for losing. You challenge a guy higher than you and you lose then that doesn't matter. You accept a challenge from a guy lower than you and then you only move down one spot. It definitely would be the way to encourage the most matches and in the end that really is the point of a ladder.

It is pretty interesting that the delcastle ladder that alegare plays in uses the same method where there isn't really a downside to losing any match.

It seems like in one the players are self-selected by level and in the other it is one big ladder. I guess in the beginning one ladder would have to make due just to give people players to play against. Thanks for the input.
You're required to play at least one match every two weeks or you fall to the bottom behind the players that did play a match. So no matter where you're seeded, you don't play, you don't stay. That is that whole point of the ladder in my opinion, so I think you have got to have that in there.

So if you're highly ranked, you'll likely be taking a lower ranked challenger. The guys that are annoying to me - and it's tough to know exactly who they are - are the ones that don't respond to an email if you're the guy who joined late or are sitting at #35 just because of the initial drawing for position. But I can honestly say that I've never been unable to find another match with somebody.

The other setup I like with the one I cited is that the window for challenges ratchets down as the year goes on. During the first four weeks, anybody can challenge anybody and move up an unlimited number of spots. Towards the end of the season, it's a 10 spot move max. So while #45 could play #1 the last day of the season, if #45 wins, he only moves to #35.

Also, in regards to your comment about no penalty for losing, I think there actually is. If you're higher ranked and you lose, you fall one spot. If you're lower ranked an lose, you're not penalized, but other people who did win their match could jump ahead of you.

Lastly, if you have enough people to do it, I would definitely keep the ladders dedicated to NTRP ratings. I don't think it's much fun for either player to have to play a guy that's a solid 0.5-1.0 lower than the opponent. My guess is that it takes time to build a solid ladder, and it will be less successful if players aren't having fun. So getting similar ability players together (which is what NTRP ratings should do) is the best way to do it.
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