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Originally Posted by JetFlyr View Post

Thank you for taking the time to produce your videos. I find them informative.

A couple of questions, not necessarily related to your pattern but, rather, your technique.

1. Why do you use the fastest speed pull setting on your Wise and not the slowest or medium?

2. What is the importance of holding tension on the tail of the knot until after you've released the near and far (second) clamp? Is is simply to reduce tension loss on the final tie-off due to the knot sliding down the anchor string?

3. In the last video you posted with the Babolat frame, what is the purpose of the last tool you removed from sitting on your completed stringbed at the very end of the video? I have one, but I've never used it.

Easy questions.

1) I do use the slowest speed not the fastest. I do this because I think a slower speed works better at stretching the string.

2) I find that when holding the tag end up while removing the clamp helps to eliminate drawback.

3) I should have explained that tool but I was trying to keep my time down. It is called a string puller. I had Hurricane Tour string in the crosses and natural gut mains and I half pre ran in the top crosses. I did not have any slack built into the outside of the frame and it is difficult to pull that poly with nothing to pull with. So I used the hook on the string puller to snag and pull the poly through one main at a time for each top cross then pulled tension and moved on to the next string doing the same for each string. In hind sight it would have been better to not run in those top crosses but weave then one at a time and pull them through just like I do at the bottom.

EDIT: Sorry my mistake that tool is a string mover not a string puller.
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