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Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post

I can agree with what Prostringing has said. And here's my explanation:-

You (starting) clamp on the outside of 2RM at the throat. You then pull tension on 1 RM from the throat. This means you pull tension on 2 strings, 1RM & 2RM and full reference tension is not applied to 1RM. So when you re-tension 2RM (to remove the starting clamp), you're simply pulling tension of the same 2 strings you tensioned at the beginning.

From what you've said to prostringing, the method you used means that 1RM will be at reference, while 2RM will be less. This isn't right as what you did is double pull i.e. pull 2 strings at once which will give a lower (required) tension. In fact you did this twice.


beg to differ with you Paul. Let's say I am pulling 60 lbs of tension on a string. At what point on that string do you think the tension will drop to 30 lbs?

EDIT: Before you and Prostringing start arguing this point make you should take another look at the video at 1:05 where I tension 1RM. I believe both of you think I am pulling two strings but I only pull one. When I pull tension on 2RM again I am only pulling one string.
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