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I need a PJ on my nCode. It's lookin' kinda ratty. But I'm still lovin' it. Swung it with success on Tuesday. Looking forward to my Ladies-Who-Lunch-But-Play-Tennis-First league and (shhh) USTA Spring season in April. Probably have to play more singles than I wanna but, eh, whatever Cap'n. Just put me in the lineup!

On a side-note, I'm excited about the "+" provisions of the highest NTRP in an area. We've got two ladies of the 5.5 category who will get to play USTA again for the first time in a few years. While its only a 2-team "flight," I just might make it a mission to go check out a few of their matches. Hmmm, women who can hit the ball....and not sound like an adult film. I tried, I really, really tried to watch the IW Finals. Couldn't do it. Shriekitova is just too much for me.
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