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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
beg to differ with you Paul. Let's say I am pulling 60 lbs of tension on a string. At what point on that string do you think the tension will drop to 30 lbs?

EDIT: Before you and Prostringing start arguing this point make you should take another look at the video at 1:05 where I tension 1RM. I believe both of you think I am pulling two strings but I only pull one. When I pull tension on 2RM again I am only pulling one string.
I have watched the pull at 1:05 and I don't see how you are not pulling tension on both 1RM and 2RM with this pull. You have only 1 string in your gripper, the one from 1RM, but tension is being pulled on it and on 2RM isn't it? What am I missing?
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