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Default disagree with vicious vik

Not sure what vicious vik is talking about with the history of the program. He opens up the thread talking about how disappointed he is with the team since 08 but in 09 the team got to the final four. The year after that, even though they got upset in the sweet 16 and probably shouldn't have lost, they had the best regular season ever in texas tennis history. Not sure what vicious vik's vendetta with center is either. How many final 4's before center? 1. How many since him? 3. Vicious vik acts as if he's a fan of the tennis program and has some sort of deep knowledge of the history but hes basically only looking at a period since 2008. If he looked at the team before center, or even in center's early years when he was just establishing himself as the coach he would know that the true history of the program has never been top 5 and the only times it has been in recent history has been under center. There is no doubt that the team hasn't finished as well as hoped in the NCAA tournament recently, nobody is denying that. But there is a massive disregard by vicious vik about how losing kutrovsky and zavala in one year was and then the next year losing corrie and damico as well as andersen turning pro with mladenov transferring. That's two senior captains gone in one year followed by two more senior captains, who played 1 and 2, as well as 3 and 4 gone. People have to step up, not denying that, but over the past two years people have been asked to do things and step into big roles when they have barely seen any playing time before that. With vicious vik's logic of "we are texas" basically every coach except for women's volleyball and mens swimming should be fired. Texas baseball, women's track and field, women's swimming, and maybe even some more should be fired because they have had historically good pasts but haven't done much in recent years. Vicious vik is being a martyr with all this "direction of the program" its been two years that haven't been great, and both of those teams have made it to indoors and been inside the top 10 at some point so its not like they were 30 for an entire year. Again i can't say much for how seasons were finished but vicious vik is acting as if the program has collapsed. And I will give you the idea that maybe enough people haven't stepped up to maintain the top 5 program that CENTER established-which can be tough to admit. Nobody is saying to not be disappointed over the past few years, I'm sure the coaching staff and players are well aware of what's happened and are ****ed too. As a side not people like kutrovsky, zavala, diaz barriga, whitehead, sitaram, and now glasspool all got (or are getting) significantly better under center. And that's actually in this window that you are complaining about (not including since center got to texas). But please stop this history of the program nonsense. The history you use to make more than half of your points has been a 3 year period after a finals run. There is no knowledge of the group that it took to get to those unbelievable final fours and final; how good they were coming in, how sometimes recruiting isn't always in your favor for every year-and sometimes it is. Like i said, it's ok to be frustrated, but quit calling people out like you know what you are talking about, what it takes to run a program, how good each person was or is, and all that stuff. You clearly don't know all that much about the whole process of running a program. You just sit behind a computer saying a whole bunch of nothing.
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