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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
beg to differ with you Paul. Let's say I am pulling 60 lbs of tension on a string. At what point on that string do you think the tension will drop to 30 lbs?

EDIT: Before you and Prostringing start arguing this point make you should take another look at the video at 1:05 where I tension 1RM. I believe both of you think I am pulling two strings but I only pull one. When I pull tension on 2RM again I am only pulling one string.

re: point above - I've not said that you'll get half of the tension over 2 strings. So you example of 60lbs etc is moot. Were a stringer to double pull 2 strings i.e. 2 strings at once with 1 piece of string in the tensionhead, I think it's been agreed that each string won't have 1/2 the tension. It'll be near the reference tension, but not the reference tension. While pulling 2 strings at once with both ends in the tensionhead still won't have half the reference tension, I would summise that it would lower than the previous method I've described.

re : point 2 - having looked again at your vid, and 1:05 as requested, you are pulling tension on 1RM. With that I agree. But the anchor for 1RM is on 2RM at the throat. So inbetween the starting clamp you have the string for 2RM, which goes around the grommets at the head of the rqt, and the string for 1RM. When you tension 1RM you are pulling all the string between the tension head and the starting clamp, i.e. 2 complete strings. If you think you're only applying tension to 1RM only, then you are mistaken. But you know that when you make that initial pull on 1RM tension is being applied to 2RM as you mention in your vid that "1RM has reference tension, but 2RM has less than reference tension"

When you apply tension to 2RM, again, I agree that you're only pulling on 1 string. But there's no direct anchor clamp for it so you'll be pulling 2RM & 1RM (at least).

Looking at the way you've used your fixed clamps, there seems to be no reason to use the L clamp onto R strings. If you used R clamp initially, then the pull to 2RM would be better that it currently is, but you'd still be pulling on 2RM & 1RM.

While the intention of this thread maybe to show a different 1 piece pattern, the starting procedure is flawed.


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