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I've gone back and watched the video again and agree that the starting pulls are not going to yield proper tension.

I also think you're solving a problem which simply doesn't exist. What empirical data do you have that indicates more stress is placed on the 10 & 2 o'clock grommets and that a bottom up stringing would yield less? I think you've made a supposition that really has no foundation.

Stringing top down is done because the throat of the frame has more structural rigidity than the crown of the head due to the throat of the frame. Starting the strings at the top of the frame and stringing toward the throat pushes all the stress of stringing toward the throat. So, stringing top down yields less pressure on the top of the frame than stringing throat up.

I fully understand that today's frames are stronger, better, etc. But, there is a reason every manufacturer prefers top down stringing. Head & Yonex void warranties for improper stringing and stick by that.

Finally, in all endeavors, I subscribe to the KISS method. I think a one-piece, ATW, or two-piece are much simpler solutions and exact much less stress on the frame.

I'm not trying to be negative, but I really don't see a problem with undue stress when stringing a racquet in the recommended top down method.
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