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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Beernutz you are correct I am pulling tension on both strings but the 180 degree turn at 1H & 2H creates some friction and reduces the tension on 2RM. I don't know what the tension is on 2RM bit it's is something less than reference. I could measure it if you want but don't see any real reason. 1RM is the only string that is pulled at reference tension.

When using the Yusuki method for starting mains you pull two strings at the same time. When this is done, and I think that's what Paul and Prostringing believe I am doing, each string will have 50% of reference tension.
I'll jump in here, No, neither of them said that. What they did say was that pulling two mains at the same time ---- even though you only pull one string end in the gripper ---- will yield less than reference tension. It will be more than pulled tension / 2 (Yusuki), but it will not be 100% pulled tension. This is the flaw in your start.
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