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Originally Posted by Miami Tiburon View Post
Exactly 200 , Blake brought Donnay the exact mold he wanted it took
2 years for them to get it right . I have one of the unfinished molds from when they started working with Blake . It was never whether they can re produce the mold but on getting the right material for the frame that he wanted . The material was not available anymore . Bottom line is Racquet is custom made by Donnay for him .
Hey buddy -- I just hit with JB two weeks ago -- it's the 300 Tour/MFil 200 Plus old Technifibre mold!!!! The same mold he has used forever. And he didn't "bring them the mold" it is a mold that is used by many companies over the years. Just took a while trying to get it to feel like his old broken in ones etc.

We talked about it and I even happened to have a 200 Plus in my bag -- SAME FREAKING MOLD - END OF STORY!
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