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Originally Posted by hyperion99 View Post
Yes, I have noticed that the Wilson Pro Overgrips have gone down in quality somewhat but I noticed a reel difference with the 30 pack in terms of quality(wrinkles more,less comfortable,and they don't last as long).

BTW what overgrips have you tried so far?
Have you seen any better results from the other grips you have tried(hopefully better price too)?

I think the quality went down with the latest ones that have new picture of Roger Federer on it, see the 30 pack pic on TW. If you can find the older one of his picture which is the 12 pack pic on TW, it might be still be the original one. I tried the 30 and 50 pack with the his new picture on it and both are lower in quality. I haven't tried the single

Here are the ones I have tried so far:

Babolat VS - totally different type of grip more dry than tacky and pretty bad if you looking for tacky.

Mantis Performa Tac Grip - Pretty close to Wilson in terms of tackiness but the downside is it's a tad too thick. It does last longer and the quality is definitely there.

Kirschbaum Touch It and Touch It Thin grips - better quality better than Wilson but nothing so far matches the initial tackiness of the Pro Grip. Durability is slightly better than Wilson.

Volkl V-tac - Not as tacky as Wilson and felt a tad too thick.

Yonex Super Grap - Not as tacky as Wilson but definitely quality is there though I heard the newer ones also have issues.

I hate it when manufacturers try to sneak a price increase by lowering the quality of the products and hope we don't realize it. Keep the quality the same or improve it and just raise the price instead of giving us an inferior product and raising the price or keeping it the same.
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