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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Paul Prostrining said the strings would have 1/2 reference tension and you said you agreed so I guess I was just confused. What you just said for the most part is somewhat true so I will just let it drop.
Irvin, Prostringing said that the strings would be less than reference not 1/2 reference. I started my post by saying I agreed as I didn't what to quote his whole post.

While I hadn't commented on the method outlined here, I would have to agree with Rabbit about the pattern. Wilson frames like this can be strung bottom up, but it's easier to run the SS outside main to the bottom 2 crosses, and the LS to the 3rd cross. This will have the same affect of maintaining tension on the outside mains. With Babolats I'd run just the bottom cross off the SS main. This should still hold tension.

However, for clarity, I would only string this way if I absolutely had to. I'd normally string ATW.


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