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Prostringing said, "2R is less than reference. In fact it is actually at 1/2 reference plus whatever tension is gained from the string sliding back towards 2R from 1R." You agreed so tell me 2R gets to 1/2 reference to start and how the string slides back from 1R towards 2R. I am at a loss here trying to understand what you're saying.

I do agree the methods you use will keep tension on the outside mains. I'm suggesting and sharing a simple pattern that will work on any racket (not recommending although I prefer it over ATW) and easy to use with any type of stringer whether it be swivel, flying or a glide bar clamp machine.

EDIT: Actually I took Prostringing's quote a little out of context. I believe he was talking about at the 2:16 point in the video when only the four center strings had some tension whatever that tension may be.
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