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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
I'll jump in here, No, neither of them said that. What they did say was that pulling two mains at the same time ---- even though you only pull one string end in the gripper ---- will yield less than reference tension. It will be more than pulled tension / 2 (Yusuki), but it will not be 100% pulled tension. This is the flaw in your start.
Ok if there is a flaw I you have my interest. I conced 2RM will have less tension than 1RM when I start. I concede because of friction at string bends 1RM will be less than reference tension as well as any other string you pull. But When I am pulling directly on a string connected to the tensioner I am considering that tension being pulled on the string to be reference tension. Actually made a video that proved as your angle increases there is more friction and less tension being pulled. But when I pull directly on a string I considere that tension to be reference.

I believe the angles for 1RM and 1LM are the same so if each is pulled directly they will each be the same tension.

I believe the angles for 2LM and 2RM are the same and if each is pulled directly they will each be the same tension although they may be different from other strings.

So tell me more about this flaw I am all ears.

EDIT: Also I first pulled 1RM to reference tension and clamped At that point in time the string started relaxing and losing tension because the tensioner was disconnected. Then I pulled 1LM to reference tension which will now be more than 1RM because of the relax but you will always see that. Then 2LM followed by 2RM, if they are each individually pulled the same, where is the noticeable difference in tensions other than the normal stretching.

EDIT: Also pulling no more than one string ahead on either side equalizes the tension loss in adjacent strings and provides a more equalized tension on like strings on bothe sides of the racket as opposed to the 3-6 main pulling method which is fine too if you prefer that method. I showed that in one of my videos too.
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