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Originally Posted by VeeSe View Post
Consider this:

ATP tour players have the same choice that pro golfers do of using the racquet that they prefer. Yet I don't see 75% of pro tennis players using Babolats. In fact, I see players using an array of racquets. This has existed forever. Sampras used a small headed racquet, very similar to Federer's. Agassi used an oversize racquet. There's not one racquet for everybody.
Ignore federer and nadal. The top 5 are like in a different sport from the rest of the field. Imagine a player that just hit the top 100, is finally able to afford fries with his burger, gets a call from babolat, “Hey, so what’s your favorite racquet?”, “Wilson, why?”….. “well how about if we offered you $100,000/ year to use babolat?”…. “did I say Wilson? I meant Babolat!.... so when will the check get here?”
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