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Cindy- this is just in the discussion phases at this point. Some people have wanted a co-ed ladder where everyone just ends up on the same scale but I think that may be a little aggressive to start out. I think that inherently the men like the idea of a "challenge" ladder more than women do so it will likely be easier to get that off the ground. My current thought is to just start out with a men's ladder but if any women want to sign up then I wouldn't have a problem with that at all and people will find their own level. (there are a lot of strong women who play in the Round Robin) Eventually after we get the format and issues worked out with the guys then push to get the women's ladder off the ground. But if enough women are interested I'd be more than happy to do both.

I agree that people do need to pay something in order to make them less likely to blow it off. We do have a lot of regulars where I wouldn't be worried at all who will be good for the critical mass but for pushing it out to more people some sort of fee is important.
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