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I play volkl o10 295 customized to 12.1 oz, 6 HL, and 335 SW. I love it. I have been demo-ing rackets since I bought them 2 years ago but really mostly for fun. I am not really looking to replace my rackets, instead I just like to try new rackets out. I have not found anything I like better. In stock form, I thought is was a bit underpowered but I liked that the stock weight was so low that there is plenty of room to add lead.
Customized, it is very, very solid feeling frame but a bit muted which I like. It generates spin better than most but still maintains excellent control. Feel is very good for 16x19 frame. On mine, torsional stability is very good, and the sweetspot feels very large. I have 1.5 grams at 3,9,10:30, 1:30, and noon o'clock around the head. I changed to Bab skin feel replacement grip with Gamma Supremem overgrip. I added enough lead at 7" and 1.5"-3" on the handle pallet to bring it to 6 HL.

Next on my personal list would likely be a customized blx ps 6.1 95, dunlop f3.0, or maybe the new blades or TF 315's customized.

One odd thing I have noticed while demo-ing is the Volkl O10 has a more solid feel than most other rackets with even wider beams like the Dunlop F3.0 and M3.0 which have 22mm beams. Something about the construction of the volkl just delivers a solid thump.

I tend to not like thicker beam stiff rackets like the o8 or o7 or Bab APD, or a few others I have tried.

But, the Volkl O10 295 is a quality racket in my view.

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