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Originally Posted by EastAngels2014 View Post
So i am just looking to soften my string bed with a cross of a multi or a synthetic, and i was just wondering is it worth the extra money to get a multi? Will it add anything that a synthetic gut wont? Thank You
You aren't going to notice any softening of the string bed if you use any old synthetic gut. 90% of the cheap synthetic guts out there are just as stiff as the softest polys.

People that cross with a cheap syn gut do it to save money, not because of any performance increases or stringbed softening. In fact, some of the cheaper syn guts such as Gosen OGSM are just as stiff as many poly strings.

If you really want to soften the string bed, you can't be concerned too much with price. Softer strings are more expensive, stiffer strings are less expensive, in general.

You're going to have to go with a soft multi if you really want to make a dent in the overall stiffness of the frame. I suggest Dunlop DNA. It's VERY soft. It averages in the low 140s @ 51 lbs, compared to a Prince Original Syn gut or Gosen, which averages in the mid 180s.

Look at it this way: if you cross with it, you're getting two string jobs for the price of one.
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