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Originally Posted by rohit1986xyz View Post
I am in second minds regarding the 2013 models from head, wilson and babolat.

Blade 98 18x20
Head graphene speed pro
Babolat Aero Pro Drive 2013.

My requirement is a control racket with decent amount of spin (more the better) but it shouldn't be too low powered. I have playtested all the above three rackets with synthetic gut (they don't provide any other gut ) and only liked the blade 98. Head and babolat were too low powered (probably due to the strings?). Please give your suggestions or share your experiences with any of the above 3 rackets, particularly with Head and babolat versions. Please also tell me which strings and tension did you use.

Any other rackets you might suggest that I should demo before purchasing one?

"Control" is a relative term. i wish I learned this years ago instead of trying out dozens of radically different racquets, such as what you have listed above.

If you are a flat hitter, who doesn't use a modern stance, who hits through the ball, then for "control" you want a dense string pattern with a high static weight to plow through the ball.

If you use the modern technique (open stance, swinging low to high, semi-western grip, lots of topspin) then "control" to you is a different animal from the above example. For you, control is massive amounts of spin, that's what keeps your ball in play. For that, you need something that you can maneuver well, something you can swing very fast. Something with an open string pattern.
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