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Originally Posted by rich s View Post
When you look him up on Find a Rating... he shows up as 0.0, when you look at his last match play result .... it lists him as 4.5

When he inquired (at the local level) about playing on our 4.0 team he was told that he was able to join the 4.0 team as a 4.0......

We play in the Atlanta area.... not sure if the rules are different than your area.
If he did poorly in his last season as a 4.5, the computer may have moved him down to 4.0 at year end. If you look at the rosters for the teams he played on, he will be listed at whatever level he registered at. For instance, if you look me up for 2005, you will see me still listed as a 2.5 even though I am currently a 4.0.

I consider this issue a major flaw in TennisLink. As a captain, I sometimes want to know a player's rating history without having to piece it together by looking them up for each year they played. I don't think TennisLink allows a composite of rating history, but it should.
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