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Originally Posted by luishcorreia View Post
So in that case, I guess Pro Hurricane 18 would be a good string .Soft but with less tension loss.

What do you think?

Hi Luis,

Yeah cool, now you are on the right track. Once you start looking at the tension loss digits as well as the stiffness digits, the task of choosing which string to demo becomes both harder and easier at the same time. Easier because there are many strings that you can cross off the shopping list right away. More difficult because now you realize there are trade-offs involved. Just looking at the stiffness Vs tension loss trade-off picture, Gosen Sidewinder slight more attractive to me than Hurricane 18. I have a package of Sidewinder but have not strung it up yet so I cant really comment just yet. FWIW I've been searching for quite a while now, and the most 6 most comfortable poly's I've used, ranked from most comfy first, would be:

1. Polyfibre Hi Tec 18
2. WC Mosquito Bite
3. Yonex Poly Pro Tour
4. Dunlop Black Widow 18
5. MSV Co- Focus 17L
6. Big Hitter Blue Rough 17

WC Mosquito bite 18 and Yonex Poly Pro Tour make exceptionally good crosses for gut mains.

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