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I posted some links throughout this thread.

Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
My pain continued for a year until I stopped playing for 3 months. OK now. Same for a tennis friend of mine. A volleyball player that I know had PF for years and maybe still has it. He plays regularly.

Playing increases the risk of continuing problems. Nobody knows how much.

I posted what I had learned - such as it is - earlier under a PF thread. #38

My opinion - ?? - is that it heals at night with your calf shortened(toes pointed). When you get up and stretch the calf you damage the new healing on the bottom of your foot, more often near the front of the heel but over the rest of the bottom too. Ask your Dr if that is the case because I don't know.
Mine kept getting worse for a year. I finally stopped tennis for 3 months and it went away. Another friend of mine had a similar experience and he took off for a year. Both of us got over it from the breaks from tennis.
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