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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
There is a huge lawsuit of former players suing the NFL. This is the owners way of saying you dont want to get hurt then stop using your head.

Why can an RB use his head as a weapon but a defensive guy cannont?

Why can the guy with the ball in his hands stiff arm to face mask with no repurcussions but if a defensive guy does its 5 or 15 yards?

I dont have a problem with the rule. But I also dont care about football that much.
Seeing as you have probably never played RB I can't value that opinion to much. Rbs are taught to keep everything low, pads low, helmet low. Helmet is used for protection. These guys will get lit up if they can't protect themselves with the helmet. Also with guys like muscle hamster and mjd, they're short, all they can do is use their helmets.
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