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Originally Posted by Tcbtennis View Post
I guess that in the world of highly competitive junior sports things may seem wrong by people who do not have children immersed in the sport. Poly strings are a no brainer in the competitive junior tennis world. I'm not talking about kids who aspire to play on the high school team. I'm talking about kids who want to play Div 1 tennis or possibly become tennis professionals. These kids push themselves to their limits and want to play at the highest levels. That involves using the best equipment, having the best training you can get and most importantly sacrificing some of your childhood so you can train at these high levels. You are not the only one who has written criticism about the use of poly strings by a young child but unfortunately that is the way it is.
You seem to have a good grasp of what is going on with your son and his abilities. The key thing with poly string string at any age is to keep the string tension as low as he can control and track the number of hours played. Most players make the msitake of leaving poly string in the racquet too long. The higher your level of ability the shorter the life span of poly string.

I recently was asked to help a 16 yr old girl from the McEnroe academy with her racquets. She had been using poly string since she was 12 and recently had to have a nerve removed/cut in her elbow. She is still in recovery 4 mo later and working on PT. She is now cleared to start hitting again, but I had no choice but to put NG string in her racquet; no more 100% poly for her. Her best bet will be NG/poly hybrid if she gets to that point.

Her mistake was leaving the poly in too long, but how long is too long? She used 6 racquets and rotated them but she didnt track her hours with the string she was using. She was playing 4hrs per day 6 days a week and at her level that meant she should have strung all six racquets every 2 weeks. Some say that is a bit excessive, but dead poly is dangerous. Much cheaper to change your string frequently, than to go through an 11K operation and risk the arm for the rest of your life. Careful string planning is a must. Good luck in your string search.

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