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Originally Posted by CDNguy87 View Post

Losing to Gulbis in the 1st Round at one Slam then beating Federer in the QFs at the next Slam only 2 months later would seem to meet the definition of unpredictable, no?

Granted, his consistency has improved greatly over the last year or 2, but this shows that he's still fully capable of losing to inferior players if he's not on his game. I'm not sure why that would be disputable.
Except that Gulbis is not really that inferior. Everybody agrees that he's top-10 talent, when he gets his act together. Just look at his recent run.

I don't know whether it was in 2011 or 2012, but I remember hearing that Berdych made something like 15 quarterfinals out of 18 tournaments (not completely sure of the exact numbers, but he was put forward as a model of consistency because of his ability to get to the quarters or better).

Of couse, he can still have a bad loss. But so can everyone else, even Djokovic (Tomic, exho tournament though), Nadal, Fed, Murray and the model of consistency: David Ferrer (who wasn't so consistent in IW).
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