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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Seems like it is making a significant positive difference to Spencer's game. Andy, why haven't you switched? Did you not play better with it?
I really like playing with it, and I think it's great for hitting topspin. To be honest, one big reason I didn't want to switch to it is that I find it difficult to switch between the Steam and more traditional racquets. We hit lots of different racquets and string setups for playtesting (often times in the same hitting session), and when going FROM the Steam BACK to a traditional frame, I struggle with the adjustment. The ball comes off at a slightly higher trajectory off the Steam, and I also find myself altering my strokes in order to generate the most topspin I can with it. I can't help but get carried away with the spin potential.

Also, although I really like it for hitting topspin, I find other racquets suit me better for the other shots in my game. They are racquets that I think perform better around the net, on serve and on slices, but obviously the playtesters that have switched to it would disagree with me there.

So...I do really like hitting with it and I definitely think it helps my topspin groundstrokes, but it just couldn't take my top spot!

Andy, TW
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