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Originally Posted by 5point5 View Post
I've had this problem with my foot since returning to tennis. My suggestion is getting a shoe that fit well, that means not too wide or big in the front. What I realized when I used the SFX's which are wider shoes is that my foot was not strapped in or stable when I was on the move.

I then went back to using my Propulses, and even the the strap looks measly, it really keeps your foot in place. Try coupling those shoes with some orthotics. I buy these; which are relatively inexpensive and super comfy.

I've since lost a decent amount of weight so my PF is practically non-existent, unless I have a new pair of shoes to break in.
If the SFX is too lose Ill use an ankle brace with it. and, I am trying to loose weight. Fish, vegetables an fruit for me please. And, some ocasisonal piece of cheese (sorry, but will try and get goat cheese next week) and some organic cereal. No rice,pasta, wheat, etc...
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