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Finally get to see what these 30 pages is all about

First stringing impression, I'm coming from econogut (Mamba Premium Natural Gut 16g)/MSV Co-Focus 1.18, 55lbs/51lbs:

The strings were Pacific Classic 16g/MSV Co-Focus 1.18, 55lbs/51lbs.

So, this is the quality control that everyone is talking about. Coming from econogut, this entry level Pacific Classic 16g is smooth as eggs! I usually wax my gut before stringing, and with econogut, I would get "caught" because the surface is not smooth. Not the case with Pacific Classic! Like I said, smooth as eggs.

Compared to econogut, Pacific Classic feels stiffer to the hand, and has a stronger memory coil. I'm not sure if that's the result of the coating.

Lastly, I'm not sweating bullets cranking the first few mains anymore.

Has Pacific Classic always been this yellow-ish?
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