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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
The calves are connected to the plantar fascia (or whatever the tissue - fascia, ligament, tendon, etc. - is called on the bottom of your foot) by the heel. When you stretch the calves you stretch the plantar fascia.

The calves consists of two muscles so maybe you did not stretch the one that is the tightest. Did you do the stretches for both the Soleus and the Gastrocnemius?

The injury might occur in tennis because our lifestyles of sitting and sleeping keep our calf & other muscles in a shortened state for many hours of the week. When we play tennis we start hard and stop hard in ways that stretch the calves and that puts stress also on the plantar fascia. ? From what I've read I believe this is the problem and not impact. Putting pads under the heel might help relieves stress because it shortens the calf. Probably lifting the heel with pads may not be good as good for the leg as stretching the short calf to a proper length. ?? Those are complicated issues that need a specialist.

Besides, at 9:50 AM you had plantar fasciitis. At 1:50 PM I doubt that you know yet if the stretch did anything good or bad.
The pain I had at 12:25 while walking to the gym was not present when walking back at 1:05. Why? I dont know. I just made easy stretches for 25 minutes, some situps and a few pullups.
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