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Default Sizing between Courtballistec 4.3 and Barricade 7

Does anyone use both pairs and can you compare sizing between the two? Did you get the same size or one larger/smaller than the other? Doesn't Nike run a little larger?

I currently use the Barricade 7 and wear a size 12. I ordered another pair off closeout and they feel a lot bigger than the current pair I have. There is a lot of heel movement in the new pair. Granted, I have only worn them around the house but I'm affraid to test them and not be able to send them back.

I tried on the Courtballistec at a local shop a half size smaller, they didn't have my normal size in stock. They feel a lot more snug in the toe box than the Barricades, but I think they would break in and fit better in a half size smaller than the Barricade.

Any thoughts?
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