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Originally Posted by Chelsie1 View Post
Thank you! Stop hating on the lob, people!
Played women's doubles against two aggressive net rushers. Things were looking bad for us until we decided to see how many overheads they could hit in a row. (Our coach has us hit 10 in a row to different spots.) Well, they weren't used to hitting a lot of them. The third was usually an error. Quite the turnaround!

It's not just women who struggle with overhead consistency, though.

I remember a 7.0 mixed team practice where we worked on lobs. Two at baseline, two at net. The baseliners were allowed to hit only lobs, and we kept score to 21.

The baseliners won every game. Interestingly, the women seemed to have the most trouble with high lobs, but men had more trouble with low ones.
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