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Originally Posted by newyorkstadium View Post
Thanks TW Professor.

I'm confused by this article. So all strings lose spin potential, but nylons lose less then poly's? Although, in your words the "decrease in tension should also decrease the friction between strings"

I'm guessing the increase in stiffness is the dominant factor. The main thing I read is that dead strings "hurt your arm".
All strings that I tested increase in friction COF which will tend to decrease spin. However, the rate of that decrease and at what level you will notice it depends on the string. Most nylons don't have much string movement to begin with, so it doesn't matter much that the COF increases.

Yes, decreasing tension should decrease the friction between strings, but at the same time it is increasing due to wear. One or the other will win out. If you feel it getting stiffer, then the increasing friction due to wear is the winner.
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