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Originally Posted by TW Professor View Post
fgs is correct above. Strings behave differently depending on how they arrive at a given tension. I have done experiments where I get to and test a string, say at 40 lbs, in several ways. I might test the string freshly strung at 40, or strung to 60 and manually lowered to 40, or strung at 60 and raised to 80 (as if impacted) and then lowered to 40, or by stringing at 60 and repeatedly impacting until I get to 40. All the methods will arrive at different test data for the same 40 lbs. The tension is one thing, but how it gets to that tension is another.
Great thread and responses!

Love it when the TWU prof gives us a new experiment to read.

I think the phenomena of 'string going dead' has been one of the most needed experiment out there; great stuff!!
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