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This weak/strong era stuff is just so lame and pointless. No, stats don't tell you in any sport whether the era is weak or strong because strengths in a sport cancel each other out; hitters in baseball may be getting better and better but perhaps not as fast as pitchers are, so offensive stats can go down even as skills improve. Likewise in football, where offensive players and defensive players may both be improving but at different rates, so stats can't tell a story. The OP inexplicably makes a few comments about the top 3 players in the game and wonders if this means the era is weak or strong. Huh?? Why stop there? Examine the top 50 players, or the top 500 players. Truth be told, you don't need stats at all. You just need a pair of eyes. Anyone who watches tennis knows the players have been getting faster, stronger, generally more skilled continually for as many years as we've been watching the game. The game leapfrogs itself every five years or so with an overall higher level of athleticism. The notion that whether one or two players are winning slams or six or eight of them are tells you something about the overall level of play is absurd.
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