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Originally Posted by ARFED View Post
Austrian expert, how convenient of you to take poly out of the equation. But you are right, laver and Rosewall would undoubtedly have better chances against Nadal without modern equipment, so would Federer and many others for that matter. So i don`t see your point. If Laver and Rosewall are indeed the unstoppable forces that we, young illiterates, are taught they are, they should cope with Nadal`s spin under present conditions without much effort. Don`t you think so??
ARFED, It's not a case of convenient or not. It's just a fact that Laver and Rosewall played mostly with wood racquets. Wood was used much longer than poly as you know. Wood shows who really is a genius. With poly one can easier show fine shots even when not being that skilled...

With wood not only Nadal would lose some of his strength but also GOAT Federer would lose some of his skills. So I think Nadal would again have the edge against Roger.

Bud Collins is often asked if Federer is the GOAT (he ranks him among the top five). He uses to answer: "He can't beat Nadal"...
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