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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
This is not hyperbole, my friend, but a well-documented incident, witnessed by Segura, Rosewall, and Kramer. If you want a reference, it is in "Golden Boy" by Hodgson and Jones, who also quote Gonzales,
"...he was such a strong son-of-a-*****..he had such strong wrists that he could hold the racquet high up the handle..he'd chop off the end so he could wield it like a ping-pong bat....when he tried, you just couldn't beat him. He hit the ball harder than anyone I ever played".
and Gonzales played them all.
Hoad used the same grip for all shots, and could adjust quickly.
Dan, I agree. Hoad was possibly the only one who was able to shoot an opponent's racquet off the latter's hand (Cooper and so on). When looking on pictures of Hoad I realize that he had the strongest arm at all, even bigger than mighty Nadal's...
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